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Corporate Gift and Service Awards

        William Barthman is a respected retailer for fine Watches and Jewelry in the Financial District since 1884. As a historic gem in lower Manhattan, we are pleased to offer our advantageous Corporate Gift and Service Award programs to the institutions and corporations in our Greater New York City Area.

        Our large selection of fine Watches, Jewelry, and Writing Instruments will be the perfect tools to instill loyalty in your company employees and customers, to reward retiring employees, and will be the symbols of success that they are proud to wear and use.

        William Barthman Jeweler provides discounts to all of our corporate cooperative companies on corporate gifts and repair services. Etching, engraving and embossing services for your company logo and name are available on gifts, and custom gift-wrapping is provided as a complimentary courtesy.

        We have been serving the Financial District customers for over a century and we continually look forward to serving your corporate needs. Please don't hesitate to call us at 212-732-0890. We are always pleased to help you in creating a customized plan for your company.




        我们已经有服务金融区顾客群超过100多年的历史,我们希望能更多地服务到您的商业需求。请不要犹豫和我们联系,现在就拨打电话212-732-0890。 我们永远乐意帮助您满足您的企业需求和为您制定个性化的方案。

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