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Customer Info / 消费者信息


Care and Cleaning of Your Jewelry / 珠宝首饰的保养和清洗

          Fine jewelry is a prized possession that will keep its value for generations. However, the unique characteristics of gems, pearls and precious metals require special attention. With proper care, your jewelry will remain beautiful for many years to come.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


          General Care Tips / 一般护理技巧
  • Store jewelry in a clean, dry place
  • Keep jewelry in a lined jewelry case, or in a box with compartments and dividers. Don't clutter jewelry pieces together-they can scratch each other.
  • Have your jewelry checked once a year for loose prongs and worn mountings that may leave your gem vulnerable to damage or loss. Jewelry professionals at William Barthman will check your jewelry free of charge and if needed, will repair broken or loose settings or prongs at a reasonable cost.
  • Ask a professional jeweler before putting your jewelry into an ultrasonic cleaner. Machines can damage fragile jewelry and loosen gems that are not set properly.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • 将您的珠宝首饰放在一个干净并干燥的地方
  • 把珠宝首饰放在一个有层次的珠宝盒里,不要将您的珠宝首饰杂放在一起,应避免它们互相之间产生刮痕。
  • 每年对您的珠宝首饰进行一次全面检查以确保没有任何部件的松弛和架托的损坏,确保您镶嵌在内的宝石没有损坏和丢失。我们威廉巴瑟曼的珠宝修理师将免费为您的珠宝首饰进行检测,并对您的已经损坏和松弛的部件进行合理收费的修理。
  • 在对您的珠宝首饰进行超声波清洗之前请咨询一位专业的珠宝匠。超声波清洗有可能会对脆弱的珠宝与松弛的宝石造成一定的损坏。

Diamonds / 钻石

          It's a good thing diamonds are one of the hardest known substances in nature-many people wear their diamonds, especially wedding jewelry, every day. Though they are durable, they still require care to keep them looking their best.                          


  • Don't wear diamonds when doing rough work. They can be chipped by a sudden, harsh blow.
  • Body lotions, powders and soaps soil diamonds and cut down on their brilliance. Clean your diamonds regularly with a commercial jewelry cleaner, a mix of ammonia and water or a mild detergent. Use a small brush to clean underneath the setting. Or, bring your jewelry in to William Barthman for a professional cleaning.        


  • 不要在做重体力活的时候佩戴钻石。它们有可能会在一时间被突然削去一小块。
  • 身体乳液、胭脂,和肥皂都会使它们的光芒减少。用专业的珠宝清洁剂来定期清洁您的钻石,用氨和水或者温和的清洁剂。使用一个小刷来清理托架的下方。或者,将您的珠宝首饰带到威廉巴瑟曼来做一次专业的清理。

Colored Gemstones / 彩色宝石

Each gem variety in the rainbow of colored gemstones has its own characteristics. Some gems, such as sapphire, ruby and amethyst are more durable and are easily cleaned with chemicals. More fragile or brittle gemstones, like opals, emeralds and coral, can be harmed by detergents or common household items such as hair spray. Ask us for special instructions on how to care for your colored gemstone jewelry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Some general colored gemstone tips / 一般的彩色宝石保养技巧
  • Jewelry should be clean before storing. After wearing, wipe your jewelry with a clean, soft, damp cloth. Hair spray, perfume and perspiration can make jewelry dull. Apply cosmetics and perfume before putting on your jewelry.
  • Some gemstones are easily scratched. Pieces should be stored individually in cloth pouches.
  • Salt water, chlorine or harsh chemicals may erode the finish and polish of colored gemstones. Take your jewelry off before swimming or performing household chores.
  • Don't expose gemstone jewelry to sudden temperature changes.
  • 在存放之前珠宝首饰应当被清洁干净。在佩戴之后,用一块干净柔软的湿布来擦拭。发胶、香水,和人的汗液能使珠宝首饰暗淡无光。请在佩戴珠宝首饰之前完成化妆。
  • 有的宝石很容易被刮伤。这些宝石应该被单独的用布袋装起来。
  • 盐水、氯,和腐蚀性的化学品能够侵蚀彩色宝石的光洁度和抛光。请在您游泳或是做家务之前取下您的珠宝首饰。
  • 不要让您的珠宝首饰经历温度的突变。

Pearls / 珍珠

          Pearls are lustrous, but delicate gems that require special care. The nacre, which is the luminous substance created by a living mollusk, can erode if not properly cared for.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  • Like with colored gems, apply cosmetics, hair sprays and perfumes before putting on any pearl jewelry. When you remove your pearls, wipe them carefully with a soft cloth.
  • Pearls can be washed with a very mile soap and water. Do not clean them with any chemicals or abrasives. These materials can damage your pearls.
  • A pearl's surface is particularly susceptible to scratches. Don't toss them into a purse or store them in a jewelry box with other jewelry. Place them in a chamois bag or wrap them in tissue before storing.
  • Perspiration, oil and wear and tear weaken and stretch the thread on which your pearls are strung. It is recommended you have your pearls restrung once a year. Knotting the cord in between each pearl will prevent you from losing any if your necklace breaks.    
  • 与彩色宝石类似,请在佩戴珍珠之前就完成化妆、喷发,和香水的喷洒。当您取下您的珍珠后,用一块柔软的布来小心地擦拭您的珍珠。
  • 珍珠可以用水来清洗。但不要用任何化学品或是磨料清洁。这些材料会损坏您的珍珠。
  • 珍珠的表面是非常容易被刮破的。不要把它们随意放在一个钱包里或是将之和其他的珠宝存放在一个首饰盒中。将您的珍珠放在一个皮袋中或是用卫生纸包裹起来再存放。
  • 汗渍、油污、佩戴和磨损都会消弱您的珍珠串线,我们建议您将您的珍珠每年都换一次串线。在每一粒珍珠之间打节能够防止您丢失珍珠。

Watches / 手表

Fine watches are valued for their beauty and for their sophisticated workmanship. To keep them looking and running their best, they need the same attention as fine jewelry.



  • Don't attempt watch repairs yourself. Only a watch expert should be trusted to keep your watch in perfect running condition.
  • Many watch manufacturers recommend servicing on a regular basis. Your watch should be examined by an authorized dealer.
  • If the crystal face breaks or scratches, have it replaced immediately. Dirt or moisture can get in and damage the mechanism.
  • The degree of water resistance should be clearly specified. If you don't know for sure, don't guess-ask a professional. Only waterproof watches may be worn into the shower or pool.
  • Don't leave dead batteries in a watch-they can corrode and damage the mechanism.
  • 不要尝试自己修理手表。只有一个专业的修表匠才能可信地将您的手表保持完美的运转状态。
  • 许多手表生产商都推荐定期的服务。您的手表应当由一位授权的零售商来检验。
  • 如果表的水晶面破损或者产生刮痕,应当立即替换。因为灰尘和潮湿能进入到手表内部并且损坏它的机能。
  • 手表抗水的性能度应当被清楚的指出。如果您不知道,不要瞎猜 - 咨询一位专业人士。只有防水手表可以进入到游泳池或是洗澡时佩戴。
  • 不要将没有电的电池放在手表内 - 它们能腐蚀和损坏机能。



Buying Tips / 购买指南


Diamonds / 钻石

Buying a diamond, whether as a token of commitment, a special occasion gift or for yourself, is a luxurious and important purchase.



Diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands are often the first important jewelry purchase a person makes. Before you go shopping, it is helpful to learn the four characteristics (known as the four C's) that determine a diamond's value.

钻石订婚戒指和钻石婚戒通常都是一个人一生中第一次重要的购买。在您购买之前,最好了解一下决定钻石价值的四种特征(4 C's)。


Carat is the measurement of a diamond's weight. A carat is divided into 100 points. A half-carat diamond may be referred to as a 50-point stone, and a quarter carat may be called a 25-point gem. Because larger diamonds are rare, they generally have a greater value per carat.



Color. The most popular diamond color is white. Truly colorless diamonds are rare and most costly. Stones are graded by an alphabetical scale on how close they are to pure white. Colorless stones are grades D, and each letter thereafter designates a slightly yellow tint to the gem.



Clarity. A diamond's clarity is affected by internal imperfections within the gem that occurred when the diamond was being formed. The marks, called inclusions, can appear as spots, bubbles or lines. The inclusions can interfere with the amount of light passing through the stone, making it appear less brilliant. Clarity is graded on a scale ranging from flawless (IF) to imperfect (I). Generally, the fewer inclusions, the more valuable the diamond.



Cut is used to describe the shape of a diamond as well as how a diamond is faceted. Popular shapes include round (or brilliant), marquise, pear, oval, emerald and princess cut. A well-cut diamond has even facets, which are small, flat polished planes designed to reflect light through the gem, and proper proportions of depth and width. A poorly cut stone will not reflect as much light, making it appear dull.



Watches / 手表

Choosing a fine watch is as important as selecting jewelry. Watches today are practical and reliable timepieces, with sophisticated movements as well as useful calendar and alternate time zone features.



But they are also fashionable, an investment to hand down to future generations and a symbol of prestige.



The brand names we carry, including Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, and Movado are recognized around the world as the highest in elegance and quality. 



Beware! There are many counterfeit watches on the market today. They are sold by street peddlers or through mail-order promotions promising steep discounts. Because it is sometimes difficult to detect an inexpensive knock-off of a fine watch, it is advisable to buy your timepiece from a reputable jeweler with a long-standing reputation-like William Barthman.



Watch Types / 手表类型

Mechanicals are the traditional wind-up watches. 


Automatic watches wind themselves as the wearer moves his or her wrist.


Quartz watches are powered by batteries instead of a mechanical spring.



Chronograph watches measure small fractions of a second. Some are used to calculate speeds, distances and altitudes. There are specialized chronograph watches for astronauts, pilots, skin divers and parachutists. Many models are water, wind and shock resistant.



Analog watches are those with traditional time-telling "hands."


Digital watches display the time in digits created by light emitting diodes (LED) or liquid crystal displays (LCD).



Pearls / 珍珠

Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in a glass of wine to impress Marc Anthony. Queen Elizabeth had them sewn on her clothing and wore strands around her neck. Today, pearls remain a traditional staple of every woman's jewelry wardrobe. But the wide range of pearl types, colors and sizes on the market make this jewelry category a viable choice for the fashionable shopper as well as the traditional customer seeking a valuable heirloom. William Barthman has a wide selection of high quality and brand name pearls and a knowledgeable staff to help you select the perfect jewelry piece. Come in and view our selection!





Types of Pearls /珍珠的类型

Akoya are the most familiar types of pearls, often sold in necklace strands. They come from Japan or China and occur in colors such as rose, cream and gold as well as silvery white and blue/gray. They are typically 5 mm to 8 mm in size.
South Sea pearls are large cultured pearls (10 mm and up) grown in the South Seas and around the coast of Australia. Their color ranges from silvery white to gold. Because of their size and rarity, these pearls are very valuable
Tahitian Black pearls are the same size as South Sea pearls, but are grown in black-lipped oysters in French Polynesia. Colors range from silvery gray and green to deep purple and black. These pearls are also very valuable.
Mabe pearls are grown against the inside shells of oysters, giving the large cultured pearls a half-round shape. They are less expensive than round cultured pearls. They are popular in earrings, rings and brooches.
Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels in freshwater lakes and rivers in China, Japan and the United States. Shapes can range from near round to baroque or free form. Freshwater pearls can occur in white, peach, pink and lavender depending on the type and location of the mussels. Because they are relatively easy to grow, supply is plentiful and they are rather inexpensive.



Selecting a Cultured Pearl Necklace / 选择人工养殖的珍珠项链

Choker necklaces rest on the collarbone and are 14 to 15 inches in length. 
Princess is an 18-inch necklace strung with either graduated or uniform size pearls.
A matinee strand is slightly longer than a princess, usually 20 to 24 inches in length.
Opera length is 30 to 36 inches, and is worn long or doubled.
Rope necklaces are anything longer than opera length. They are often worn knotted or with a shortener to create various looks.
A bib is a single necklace of multiple strands of pearls in varying lengths.
Torsade is a necklace made of several pearl strands twisted together and held with a clasp.
Graduated strands feature pearls that gradually increase in size with the smallest at the back and largest at the center.
Uniform necklaces have pearls that are all about the same size.



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